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Developing awesome things with passion since 2002.

John Montgomery

Web Developer | PHP Coder | UI/UX Designer

Hello, I'm a Web Developer, PHP Coder as well as a Front End Developer from South Africa.

As a freelancer you will naturally work in different roles and for many different companies, and this helped me to build a unique range of skills and experience.


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It's difficult to categorize my services, In short I do anything WEB related ~ Cloud, Servers etc. ~

PHP | WEB dev.

I first started as an .ASP developer but I soon fell in love with the open source community especially PHP, MySql and jQuery


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique used to increase a websites visibility and traffic by increasing a websites Ranking.

Mobile Applications

The customers in today's world are on the move and they're using mobile application platforms to get info. from your small-large business.

Cloud Services

Cloud can be described as computing based on the Internet. Theres no disputing the importance of cloud in businesses.My Cloud

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Please note that any work done under NDA has not been displayed for privacy reasons.


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My Skills

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Acquired Skills Timeline

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced. ~ Dates Below are Approximate ~

  1. Application Development

    I was eager to learn more about Android development. Developing apps for Android is one part of the information revolution that is empowering businesses across the globe.

  2. Site Ranking

    Small businesses have a lot to benefit from SEO and it is not an exaggeration to say that businesses that don’t practice SEO are in far worse situation than companies who invest in search engine marketing.

  3. Cloud Hosting

    Modern businesses live and die by the speed of their infrastructure. Increasingly, this means they rely on cloud computing to host their sites and provide essential services.

  4. Twitter

    If you run a business and aren't using Twitter, I have to ask, why not? It seems that just about everyone else on the planet with access to the web or a cell phone is.

  5. UBUNTU | Centos

    According to the Apache Software Foundation, as of 2010 the Apache web server which runs on Linux has been the most popular web hosting server since 1996.


    I made the switch to UBUNTU and I've never regretted dumping Windows, no more blue screens, viruses and slowness.

  7. WooCommerce | Magento

    With the advancement and easy availability of E-COMMERCE solutions, now small businesses are also opting them and this has increased the demand of e-commerce website development.

  8. CMS ~ WordPress | Joomla

    Choosing your content management system (CMS) is a major decision, because you'll live with the consequences for a long time. I started with Joomla then moved to WordPress, its a far more superior CMS.

  9. Dynamic WEB

    After using .ASP I realize the importance of combining MySQL database and PHP programming for creating dynamic web applications. MySQL is the most popular open source database of the world and PHP is a scripting language that is cross-platform and operates along many platforms, favored by Linux.

  10. Basics of a Modern Site

    Increasing your freelance worth. Most employers, in my experience, rarely hire designers that don't do some basic Front-End development e.g. HTML/CSS/JQuery… and those jobs are very rare to find due to companies mostly looking for "all in One" programmer type workers.

  11. UI Design

    People often ask me what I use to design sites and user interfaces. My answer hasn't changed over the past couple years: Photoshop.

  12. .ASP Web Development

    My introduction to programming was .ASP, I like ASP, but unfortunately it is somewhat antiquated. Microsoft stopped supporting the technology more than 10 years ago. You can't do any harm by learning ASP but for new projects I would look to ASP.NET or PHP

Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.

- Edward Tufte -

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