Do I Need a Website for My Business?

Do I Need a Website for My Business?
Yes, You Do !

Here are 5 Reasons which point to Yes:

REASON #1 30 Percent Of Consumers Won’t Consider A Business Without A Website

REASON #2 People Are Searching For You Online

REASON #3 Majority Of Consumers Use Websites To Find & Engage With Businesses

REASON #4 Consumers Search with Proximity in Mind

REASON #5 It Will Help You Beat The Goliaths In Your Industry

The Price of Having a Website Is Much Lower than the Price of Getting Left Behind


“My Business Is Too Small, And I Don’t Have The Budget For A Website.”

This is the most common objection I hear from small business owners.

Look—your website is your number one marketing asset. Saying you don’t have the budget for it is like saying you don’t have the budget one of the most esential tools in modern business.

Get a website it doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive, but it needs to exist, and it needs to be able to be found by search engines.


“Our Customers Aren’t Big Computer Users.”

Your customers aren’t “computer users”? That’s baloney. What this business owner is forgetting is that “computer users” aren’t just people using desktop computers. It also includes people browsing websites, social media, and apps on mobile devices.

Not only do 89 percent of adults use the internet, but 77 percent of them own a smartphone, and in 2016, mobile web traffic outpaced desktop web traffic for the first time.

Smartphone = computer user.

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